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From the Ludum Dare Description:

This is my first Ludum Dare entry and also my first finished game (ever).

You are the Monster (duh!) and your Goal is to stay alive and kill tanks and helis.

Eat Cats for life, humans for laser fuel.

Features I wanted to implement but couldn't because of lacking time and/or skill:
- Upgrades: Bigger Laser, More DMG, More Lasers
- at least 2 enemy types more, 1 melee type
- level with obstacles
- humans should scream

Things I did good:
- The game is actually working!
- planning was good (cooked food before etc.)
- I was focused like a Laser

Things that I did not good:
- The game looks like a turd.
- Pls don't look at my source code... just don't...

Will I participate again?
-Yea this was pretty amazing, I will be back with a prettier turd next time!

Will I continue to work on the game?
- I will probably implement the remaining features.
- I will definitely replace the background. OMG did you see that? What happened there? It looks like a retard built a street in vomitland.